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Yes ! Yes! Yes!

Last year we ran an online training webinar and have had such a bunch of requests since to run it again. So Yes!!

Happy New Year to everyone – gosh where has January gone!!!

This is an important and timely email, if you’re serious about having your personal and professional life thrive in 2014.

Please read all the way through to the end.

(Special note: I’m running a comprehensive online training workshop on Thursday 6th February to ignite your “secret driver” – and more – to fire up, create and sustain your best year yet

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Not that many years ago a turn of events meant I had to rebuild my life from the ground up. I found myself with little means to support myself or my two children, zero belief in myself to get by let alone turn things around.  Depressed, broke and massively overweight – I was at rock bottom – I had to start over.

Yet all through this – I had this strong feeling inside that I had something more worthwhile to contribute than I had been doing – just like you.

For the past decade I have been I have researching, learning and applying all the tools and strategies that I’ll share with you on Thursday.  As a result, I’ve watched my business triple in the last 12 months, my relationships are better than they have ever been and I am more comfortable in my own skin than any other time in my life.

Starting with nothing more than a desire to have more and be more in my life, I set about to learn the very best from world class personal and business success mentors across the globe.  In economic times when  almost half of all new small businesses close their doors in the first two years, in times of  people searching for more meaning in their personal and professional lives, in times when pressure to have the ideal body is often heartbreaking – I am so grateful to have learned the secrets to success. And now I want to share them with you!

What I am about to teach you, I applied to my life. I was at a time when I knew I couldn’t let one year roll into another. I knew that I had to step up and take control of my life – each and every area of it – and make the kind of choices that would move me into towards an amazing life of total health, happiness and abundance.

I needed a plan. Sound familiar yet?

We all know how it feels to let things slip – relationships, health, exercise, career or business…..then the downward spiral takes care of the rest.

I had reached that crossroads in life that took me towards discovering a whole new ME!  I discovered an amazing mentor who took what I already knew about building successful businesses, re-energised my passion for discovering what makes people do what they do and showed me how to ignite the drivers to a passionate and fulfilling life.

On Thursday – I want to show you how to turn on your starter switch!  For me it was a massive shift that has been the springboard for powerful transformation on every level of my life.

Yes! An outstanding year requires an outstanding plan.

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Since applying these tools, my personal and professional journey has been…

Are YOU ready to go:

FROM: Chaos

TO: Control

FROM: Struggling to keep on top of things and out of balance

 TO: Completely balanced and feeling really happy with life

FROM: Feeling really frustrated and dissatisfied and working on low value ‘stuff’

TO: Feeling motivated, relaxed and working only on high value activities

I was able to achieve this shift because I learnt how to ‘finish my year before it started’. It was a way to get really clear on what I wanted my life to be about and how I could create it the way I had designed it.  This made all the difference to me and it can to you as well.  I guarantee it!!!

The online workshop is called

“Your Life, Your Design.” The 3 Simple (yet Effective) Keys to Guarantee Your Best Year Ever Is 2014.

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On this live training you’ll discover:

  • The number one place you should start when it comes to planning (HINT: it’s got nothing to do with setting goals!)
  • The 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of successful people and how you can plan to implement this into your 2014 calendar year
  • 3 real life case studies of how 3 of my clients have used this planning method to go from struggling or stuck to living the lifestyle they designed
  • How to ensure your motivation holds for the entire year, and it’s not just like setting some New Year’s resolution that rarely last past February


  • The number one way to finally get leverage in your professional and personal life, including your business!

My business and more importantly my life completely turned around with this information.

Now its your turn.  Come along and make 2014 the best year of your life.

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Thursday 6th February , @ 7pm  in your Loungeroom!!

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